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What should I give my hamster for a treat?


Lettuce (Green), cabbage, fruit etc. may be given as
"treats" to your hamster, but not too much nor too
often. Vegetables and fruit should NOT be given to a
hamster suffering from diarroea.Stick to the dry food!
on no account give chocolate to your hamster,

Why does my hamster eat it´s poo?

eating droppings

Do not be alarmed if you see your hamster eating its
droppings. Hamsters do not digest all nutrients from
their food when first eaten, It is quite normal for
a hamster to eat it's droppings.

Is my hamster healthy? I have noticed a mole on his side

Hamster Moles

You may notice a mark, similar to a mole, on your
hamster's side, and think it has something wrong.
This is quite normal and is caused by a scent gland.
often seen on both hips.

Can I use sawdust in the hamster cage?

Sawdust/wood shavings

If you use sawdust for your cage, make sure it is not
too fine or dusty, and that it is clean.
I prefer Wood shavings to sawdust, as occasionally
hamsters in sawdust can get a fit of sneezing.
allergic to cedar wood.

How should I handle my hamster?

Wash your hands!

Before handling your hamster it is a good idea to wash
your hands, Hamsters have poor eyesight but a very keen
sense of smell, If your hamster can smell traces of
food on your hands he might well take a bite! This
little tip is easier to learn after the end of your
finger has been bitten off!

Where is a good place to keep the hamster cage?

Avoid Drafts!

Make sure your hamster is not living in a drafty area,
This can be a cause of ill-health. The cage should be
situated in a draft-free part of the room.

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