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How should I handle my hamster?

Wash your hands!

Before handling your hamster it is a good idea to wash
your hands, Hamsters have poor eyesight but a very keen
sense of smell, If your hamster can smell traces of
food on your hands he might well take a bite! This
little tip is easier to learn after the end of your
finger has been bitten off!

How can I catch my escaped hamster?

bucket trap

an easy and effective hamster 'trap' is to place a
bucket or waste-paper basket in the middle of the room
and build some steps (You can use a pile of books) so
that your hamster can climb up.
Place some bedding and food in the bucket and leave the
door closed overnight. During the night the hamster
should come out from wherever it is hiding and climb
up to the bucket, falling in to get at the food he will
be unable to get out again. In the morning you should
find one sleeping hamster in the bottom of the bucket!

how should I hold my hamster?

dont hold him high!

Young hamsters particularly have a habit of suddenly
jumping from your hand, when holding a hamster be
prepared for this and hold him above a sofa/settee or
sit down while holding him. should he jump suddenly
he will have a soft landing instead of injuring

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