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How often should I clean the hamster cage?

cage cleaning

The hamster cage should be cleaned once a week. While
cleaning the cage, the hamster may be allowed to
explore the floor in his RollerBowl. Cleaning the cage
can cause stress to the hamster, especially if he
returns to it and does not recognize his own scent!
So try to return much of his original nest as you can,
after giving it a shake to dispose of any unwanted
waste matter. Also return his secret store of food that
he may have hidden in a corner, after removing any soft
fruit or rottable food. Use a mild disinfectant and be
certain that the cage is completely dry before
returning the hamster to his home.

Can I use sawdust in the hamster cage?

Sawdust/wood shavings

If you use sawdust for your cage, make sure it is not
too fine or dusty, and that it is clean.
I prefer Wood shavings to sawdust, as occasionally
hamsters in sawdust can get a fit of sneezing.
allergic to cedar wood.

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